Monday, November 14, 2005


I have my game on but I'm not making the right moves. I went from being sedentary to busy per say. I introduced some exercise into my life stlye. I started to journal to see how I eat and the worst habits I have that make me over weight. I incorporated support from a weight control group of people. I hitched a ride on the diet wave on the computer. I shop for food so that my house is not lacking. I read all of the diet materials that ever come my way and review all of my old books that have been accumulating. I've passed up many opportunities to eat the wrong kinds of foods. I have even fasted a few times. I had a policy of no-fail foods in my house. It all added up to me losing some weight. I became a little over-confident. I let my guard down a few times. Each time I did that, it got easier to do it more often. Now my motivation is waning. The gaining, yo-yo style, is back. I thought since I hooray, boot, pat on the back, brag, complain, and wonder, it's time I cheer myself on again and introduce a new approach. It's never too too late unless you're already dead from obese complications. I know this was boring to read if you can't relate. So maybe I should leave with a tid bit of information that can benefit anyone.

The hypothalamus section in the brain balances the appetite-control mechanism. One portion tells the body when to eat. Another portion tells it when to stop. It takes only an infinitesimal imbalance to cause a slight malfunction. The healthier the hypothalamus, the greater its accuracy. It is kept healthy through the nutrients it receives. Proper nutrition at least can make it work at its optimum efficiency. (Now that's what I'm talking about. DO IT RIGHT.)

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