Monday, November 07, 2005

taste buds

By sheer discovery, I have begun to recognize the fact that you can train your taste buds to like and crave healthy foods. I ate Halloween candy given to me by my daughter to cut down on the candy available in her house. It was an awful lot of chocolate one of my trigger, foods, per say. The first one was good tasting but didn't make my mouth water as usual. Of course I continued until the whole grocery bag was empty, that's part of my compulsion! The more I ate, the more I didn't care that much for the tastes. I had to get the temptation out of my sight by eliminating it into my stomach. Then there was the lunch I had put in front of me at the center. I froze, staring at this baked potato that had no pazazz. (Globs of butter, grains of salt, chunks of cheese, mounds of sour cream, and chives for added color.) It was unclad but had this teeny weeny yellow spot on it I think it was called a pat. One smash and it disappeared. By golly I ate the whole thing in good taste, so that's what butter with a whole lot of white stuff tastes like? Not bad at all. If I could do it everytime, I would count it all good habits to live longer by.

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