Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Okay I lost seven pounds at weigh-in tonight. I said I was going to lose weight by hook or by crook. I had to take one water pill last week and one water pill this week and my two week ago seven pound gain is gone. Now if I would have done things right, I would have cut down on my salty foods and lost the water gain without using a crutch. I always look for short cuts and extreme measures like wearing light-weight clothing. Or I try skipping eating all day until I get home that night after weigh ins. I'm confessing to doing it the wrong way once in a while. I am only hurting myself because I am reinforcing more bad habits. I have though, since I started five months ago, incorporated more good habits to replace some of the bad habits so far. Some day I will have all good habits and be a healthy weight for my statue etc. It is getting easier as I go along at a much slower pace than most would be dieters. I started out complaining about how obese people are treated and their needs are over looked. But only I can make the change for myself!!

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