Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I lost 6.25 pounds. That helps keep me motivated to loose again next week. What did I do different from last week? I had too much salty food the week before and my feet and legs were swollen so I did take a water pill and I did do a cleansing with a fasting. Aside from that, I drank my eight glasses of water, took my vitamins, ate salad, went back to the weight room on the bike, stopped eating by 6:30 pm, and said no a couple of times to food and sweets when offered. I even wore my heavy shoes and clothes at weigh-in. What? Have I turned over a new leaf? Don't get over confident, self, there is still another week coming up with too too many temptations. I think it's time to add my food journal to my tally marks. I'll have to think of a few more modifications for this week to incorporate into my program. I even plan to post shorter blog entries.

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