Sunday, January 22, 2006

diet blahs

Busy and preoccupied the last three days with one more to go before I'm back to the weight room. I don't understand how I can be gung-ho one day and feel unaware the next couple of mindless eating days. I had some social obligations with family and just had a good old time. As I sit here to enter late in my blog, I don't even feel like supporting myself or to give any facts that will support others. Please forgive me, I know that is being selfish. Being busy has caused me to be surrounded by daily clutter that seems to weigh my mind down and drain me of enthusiasm. I am finally home for the night, if I can only declutter some areas, that always makes me feel lighter on my shoulders. Even pulling weeds makes me feel lighter, as if a load has been lifted. I'm so flaky right now, this doesn't even make sense to me. Up Up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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