Thursday, January 26, 2006


24% of all adults who have tried a low-carb diet since 2002

12% who are currently on one

20 average number of pounds study participants lost on a low-carb idet in 12 weeks

17 average number of pounds participants lost on a low-fat diet in 12 weeks

25,200 number of additional calories each low-carb dieter ate over the 12 weeks compared with the low-fat dieters

From a July/August 2004 magazine article but I don't remember which one of the mags I mangled.

Not much to say today except I did exercise at the weight room for 30 minutes. It's been three straight days in a row but I won't be returning for four days. That's not good. I don't want to lose the momentum! Maybe in between I'll do some progressive tally counting. This weekend is another family birthday party and a dinner. Here I go again. Instead of telling myself how wrong certain things are to eat, instead, I should try to remember all of the accumulating benefits that will be my reward and reinforcement towards my goal of a healthier life style, if I don't eat it. Lenvoy! (To say goodby.)

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