Monday, January 09, 2006


Well as usual, I only stuck to the fasting for one day instead of two. I prepared something to eat at 9:30 pm just waiting for the 10:30 pm internal alarm to go off so I could stuff my mouth. As I get older it is harder to fast for 24 hours. I did manage to lose five pounds with five more to lose before my weigh-in on Tuesday. I wanted to do the low carb for one week to give me that boost. As I review my food choices in the house, I see that they are limited and carby. Even my vitamin regimen is carb laden without the satisfaction of chewing food. That's okay, it is a slow start, but I'm in my resolution zone. I need to get a buddy system to keep me competitive and determined to be the Top Gun (I liked that movie.)

One of the most important factors influencing your weight-loss success is your belief in your ability to follow through and do it this time for sure. Perfection is not as important as perseverance! So long!

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