Sunday, January 08, 2006


No sense in telling you how I managed to gain ten pounds in one week. I need for myself, to do now a quick body cleanse. In that way, I fast for at least one day or two if I can hold out. I did so well for the whole month of Novenber and December in keeping my weight at an even keel. I will drink all the water I can hold, which is hard to do for me. I'm always running to the ladies room. It takes four days for my body to digest meat, I am loaded down by sugar and salt, and I am slightly addicted again to caffeine and chocolate, and my feet and legs are swollen, and last but not least I have been bouting with headaches and very low plunges in energy. I think those are all good reasons to put myself in check right away and start over again this new year and get back on track with caring about my health, weight, and resolutions. I hope I don't get weak and funkify (to retreat fearfully) because I think I am always doomed to be fat. Till we meet again!

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