Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The hubbub in a nut shell, out there in the world around me, is all about losing weight to be healthy. How about the health of family members that have no need for that New Years Resolution? Good health is more than just losing weight to be within a normal range for a set group. Here are some facts about keeping the family healthy also.

Any addiction, such as; food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling, all can wound the body, mind, spirit, and family unity.

Cholesterol build up often begins in childhood.

A newborn may be mentally and physically affected if the mother was nutrient-deficient during her pregnancy.

Many children have been poisoned by taking an overdose of five iron supplements or iron-containing multivitamins made for their parents, which contains more than 30 mg of iron.

Fat fuels a baby's growth especially brain development under the age of 2.

In preparation for pregnancy prolonged high intake of fluorine may cause skeletal abnormalities.

Each time an obese man feels rejected or hurt, he needs "emotional food of love and admiration" to compensate for his enormous lack of self-respect. Often undervaluing himself, he immediately converts his needs to "oral food" as fulfillment.

Married women on a diet tend to feel that their goal weight should be what they weighed when they got married which is an imponderable expectation!

Secondhand smoke puts children at risk for ear infections, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and SIDS.

Our favorite dish to eat was influenced by our families and a man may ask his wife to continue to make it.

Obesity is not inherent. Leanness is a more likelihood of inherence.

Prolonged childhood obesity has a bad prognosis for lifelong weight problems.

The rule of thumb for the risk of diabetes doubles for each 20 pounds of fatness. Men and women with body fat concentrated around the waist, even a moderate amount, run a relatively high risk for contracting diabetes and heart disease.

When one knows nothing of nutrition, and eats merely from ignorance, habit, and learned predudices, there is a steady decrease in physical and often mental performance as the years of youth go by.

When people get past their twenties, the immune system begins to lose some of its effectiveness. Is starts slowly going downhill unless we take corrective measures. That includes multivitamins, proper nutrition, and exercise.

Children are sensitive to the harmfull effects of chemicals so don't give herbs or supplements to them because most of the research has been done on adults.

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