Saturday, May 13, 2006

taste buds

It is always easier to pass the buck and blame someone or something for my weight gain. I do like the taste of foods. When it is a particular food that makes my mouth water, I find it hard to stop eating even if I feel I am full. One more taste leads to, just one more taste, which leads to another taste! Now I can blame it on my tongue. Fungiform, tiny mushroom shaped papillae, are among our taste buds. A non-taster has fewer than twenty-three papillae on their tongue in between their taste buds. Next is the borderline taster with twenty-three to twenty-five papillae in between the taste buds. Twenty -five papillae on the tongue is a taster of foods. Then there is me. More than twenty-five papillae on the tongue between the taste buds is considered a super taster.

No wonder I love the tast of hot, salty, buttery, sour, and sweet foods. My papillae are use to stimulation. I'll have to try and incorporate bland foods into my mouth to settle down my demanding tongue for more food. My tongue also enjoys things that are crunchy, soft, rich, smooth, warm, cold, and long lasting hard tacks. I even heard one time a small, smooth, clean rock would be accepted in your mouth and your tongue would play with it. DISCLAIMER HERE: Don't anybody try this and put rocks in your mouth and choke on it.



Anonymous said...

Thank you first off for visitng my blog and posting a very nice compliment. I have issues with food myself. It is a daily issue. I never thought about the overabundance of tastes buds being the issue. Very interesting. I was blaming myself for being a Libra. :o)

Sally said...

I don't think the answer is to give your taste buds something dull. I think the answer is to give your taste buds small amounts of really, really satisfying foods--not convenience foods, not crappy fast foods, but really good whole foods that also happen to crackle and pop with flavor.