Friday, May 19, 2006


Think about what you eat? Take stock before you chow down. Simply making a mental note of previous meals may help you win the battle of the bulge. According to a study by the University of Birmingham in England, researchers said, all 20 female college students in the study reported similar feeling of hunger prior to eating dinner, but those who took five minutes to recall what they'd eaten earlier in the day consumed 21 percent fewer calories. K.C.

Well, here is something for me to think of besides what I last ate ( that could take forever;) if you are filled with the spirit, you can deny the flesh. Hmm, I pray about my problems but I need to talk to God about my unhealthy body that tries to control me by passing over my common knowledge of food.


Libertate said...

Faith is important when conciously dieting. Without faith in yourself you will not achieve your goals.

The question is - those around you help you or hold you back?

Also be careful not to put your body down in your mind to the point where you are beyond just encouraged.

A lot of people fall into this trap, and become extremely depressed, and hate their bodies.

You still have a body. You still have a brain, hands to type with, skin, eyes, etc... Appreciate those parts that some of us do not have.

Sure, see the defects, but also see the good things.


Chana said...

sometimes it's not the body that is our enemy but our minds...i know this to be true for me...i am or can be my worst enemy. nobody is or can be harder and expect more and give me more heck for a failure than myself....

I have had to firmly and consciously be kind and nice to my heart and mind as i would try to be for someone elses...And in doing some of that i have found some peace and breathing space...and in doing so helping me feel better all around and making bette choices...