Tuesday, May 09, 2006

eating-disorder pt. 1of 2

This is not a diagnosis or any medical advice it is only things I have read somewhere and how I have interpreted it.

I probably learned my past eating disorder when I first joined some kind of diet club many years ago. I knew nothing about bulimia (binge eating and using laxatives to purge the intestines) it was mentioned as a bad habit to overcome. I can do that and and still eat, guess who has IBS. I had a perceptual distortion of my body because of advertisments touting the image of a skinny, sexy teenager as the epitome of acceptability. I saw myself as more than an inch to pinch. I even then went on three day fasts many times. I began to like the gnawing feeling of hunger and to hear my stomach growl. That always assured me that I was losing some fat. Little did I know it was eating away at my muscles, which is made up of protein, and my body needed that kind of nutrition for the day to function and have the energy to do all of that dancing I was so crazy about. I was in danger of developing electrolyte problems, which can lead to heart attack and death. I hardly ever ate more than once a day. I started to head in the direction of the other end of the spectrum and play around with anorexia. (Part 2 tomorrow.)

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Very interesting...I'll be back for more :)