Monday, May 08, 2006

dry mouth

I had two cups of coffee yesterday with four teaspoons of sugar and the dry mouth has not left yet. Sugar and salt both keep my mouth dry all day long. I couldn't lick an envelope wet. I always drink my eight glasses of water daily. When I woke up this morning the middle of my tongue was like sandpaper, hard, rough, and dry. I read that drinks don't all refresh, some hydrate and others dehydrate.

While adults average 12.8-ounce beverages daily, the net gain equals three glasses of water (eight recommended) because some drinks dehydrate. Daily average:


water 4.6
juice 1.4
milk 1.3
no-caffeine soda .6

hydrating total 7.9


coffee/tea 2.8
caffeine soda 1.3
alcohol .8

dehydrating total 4.9


Chana said...

what a wonderfully kind and loving message you left for me...thank you so very much.

it's wonderful to hear from you. i hope you are okay but i know you are not. i wish there was something i could do. maybe knowing that i love you might help just a tiny bit.

i'm concerned with your extreme dryness of mouth. could you please go see a doctor or call a medical hotline or a nurse? you might be extremely dehydrated and might need some iv treatment.

please remember always that i'm here.
many, many hugs.

Anonymous said...

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