Saturday, May 27, 2006

off kilter

I like to visit but there's no place like home for me. Staying over night at other places always offers for me an uncomfortable night sleep, and too much food to eat and eating out and too many chances for goodies to climb into my mouth. Just when I started a new way for me to have good habits and build up the strength to just say no to food pushers. Talk to yourself about it, you are around people who are not supportive in your daily struggle or quest. Okay self here it goes; be accountable or suffer the consequences, quit blaming others for circumstances you have the ability and know-how to control especially if you cannot change the choices. Somehow that kind of pep talk always tells me I am in my own corner and I can be my worst enemy, the choice is all mine! The day is not over think about it you can find a way to make it a day three in your count-up. I promise to walk up and down the stairs two times each while I am here and when I go home I will read a few pages in a motivational weight loss book for reinforcement. If you knew me you would know that is a feat for me and not easy and slow going with holding on both sides of the railing. I'm tired out just talking about it. Have a great Memorial Day this weekend.

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Chana said...

their is never a place like home. i don't like sleeping over someone's elses home either...well except Cuppojoes...there i am fine...
Hope you are having a wonderful long wknd. Hugs.