Monday, May 29, 2006


There I was being a follower instead of a leader. I was wishing everybody a good, nice, or happy Memorial Day. It's not just a day of celebration. It is a tribute day to all of the fallen soldiers. Freedom is not free. There is a price that is paid dearly. Up to 1971 it was a recognition day combined with the reflection of our lost loved ones who so bravely in war stood for our rights and fought for our freedom. There were services, prayers, speeches, and plenty of flags waving in the breeze across the grounds of their resting places. Now it is becoming a three-day holiday weekend. It is more like a time for celebration and the unofficial opening of summer. World War1, World War2, and the Korean War fallen soldiers were all honored with a ceremony by the president of the United States at the Arlington cemetery. How about the fallen "known" soldiers who gave up their time, families, and lives, all in the name of service to our Country for our continued Freedom? What about the grieving families left behind who still feel the grief and then suffer the hurting memory every Memorial Day Celebration? Then there is the men and women who already served our Country and came home and died? We should be thankful for all of these conscientious patriotic humanitarians.

Then there were the so called popular wars, the unpopular wars, and the polarized wars all with lives lost in the quest for rights and freedom. Please remember the true message and meaning of this and every Memorial Day! Can we all pitch in and offer for one day a spoken word of appreciation for all of our soldiers (living and dead)(don't forget Iraq) and their families? Maybe offer a silent moment of prayer or reflection, or how about a patriotic flag flown? Even a little flag pin worn to represent our support, our patriotism, and our appreciation to the soldiers and their remaining families. Is that asking too much? Come the 4th of July, the red, white, and blue, is evident in every direction including people wearing the colors.

All of the buzz prior to this past weekend was about how everyone was going to spend that extra day off. Unless you know, knew, or heard of someone in the service it more than likely was a mini vacation opportunity. There are times we should all stick together like we did on 9/11 and I think showing your colors to the world is a sure sign of out unity. BLESS AMERICA...

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Chana said...

very nicely written post...and all very true!