Monday, May 22, 2006

read the label

Most dieters or health conscious people do scan the labels, here here, but do we really read everything that pertains to the product in hand? No, we search for a particular item we are trying to control or cut back on or maybe even not suppose to have. What do we care most about is it the nutrition facts or the ingredients? After reading a lot of my labels, I realize with my choice of foods at home I can not have both lists working together for my intended benefits. I thought yesterday for dinner I would just have some no fat roast beef slices with shredded white and yellow cheese melted on it and a glass of orange juice labeled high in vitamin C. I was having my protein, dairy, and fruit. I thought I was cutting back by choosing some white cheese to cut back from too much yellow cheese. Three dairy servings daily help burn fat? My juice had the first ingredient listed as high fructose syrup. The cheese nutritional facts offered for me: vitamin A, Calcium, vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber all a big "0." Then I began to finally see percentages and numbers. Not too encouraging in my book. I think I shopped when I was either too hungry or in a hurry. The package read "cholesterol free." One serving 1/3 of a cup is 80 calories but 50 calories from fat! Total fat 6 gr., saturated fat 1.5 g and trans fat 1.5 g. and sodium 310 mg. "Pasteurized process topping" the more I read the less I like the way it sounds. Then I tasted it and was more dissatisfied and the last straw on the camels back was the sight of the unmelted cheese after 5 minutes in the microwave oven. Real cheese melts in hot food. I threw out the whole 8 oz. bag of said topping that was located in the cheese dairy section of the market. After threw it out I proceeded to finally read both of the lists on the package. Ingredients: water, food starch, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, whey, salt, casein and/or casinated sodium phosphate, sorbic acid (as a preserative), carrageenan gum, natural & artificial flavor, artificial color, lactic acid, powdered cellulose, added to prevent caking, and contains milk ingredients (which is?) Oh please let us open our eyes before we open our mouths! I heard that now ketchup is considered a vegetable? How about chocolate candy is good for your metabolism and coffee is healthy too? It all boils down to weighing the good benefits against the bad benefits and everything in moderation. That advise is only good for people who aren't obsessive, compulsive, emotional eaters, uninformed nutritionally, bingers, starving humans (and there are many), or people who have no control over what they are feed by others. So good advice is not good for everyone? What a crazy mixed up world we live in. The only one thing I can ever be sure of is my salvation!!! I pray that yours has been found too. God Bless you all.

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Chana said...

I'm back and welcomed by so many lovely comments like yours....thank you so much...i had no idea about turtle day, so i thank you so very much. I can't wait to share my will see how lovely they are. I also saw that i had an email from you. So sorry that it's until now i respond, i had no seen it before i left...I have no knowledge or talent with's all Cuppojoe...i type and that is it...all the nice stuff and all the extras are all him...He is a bit of a geek but a cute one at that...:)
I hope you have been well...i missed you tons but i am back and will catch up with all your post asap...Hugs..