Wednesday, May 17, 2006

stressed out

My self pity has been a selfish deplorable attention grabber. So what if I can't have what I want in my life anymore? Readjust your priority list, tie up those loose ends, look to the Lord, and get back to trying to fulfill your mission in life, that's what He requires of me. Is there really any other reason for the stop over in this world? Nothing I acquire or have will get me into heaven. Neither will it have a place in my resting box. These may be my last days or years, no more wallowing, just make the best of the situation and go back to moving forward. God looks at the heart, and I have nothing to hide.

This world is not all about me. I just heard a very very close friend of mine for the last 27 years has come back from his dad's funeral 2,000 miles away. This morning I got a call from my sister, her 13 year old daughter is being operated on this Monday morning for five suspected cancer lumps in her her lymph nodes located in her neck. And I have complaints?

Hello diet world, I'm back with a lot of excess baggage in weight, but I'm going to give it another try. The key is persistence. Starting after this weekend, that is, ha ha. One last mini break.

Care about the health of your heart? Don't keep stress to yourself. If you keep quiet to keep the peace when you and your partner fight, you may want to rethink that strategy. Women who practice "self-silencing" have four times the risk of early death (from chronic ills like heart disease, cancer and stroke) as those who speak their minds, according to data from a ten-year National Institutes of Health study. Staying silent may create hormonal imbalances, which can make chronic disease more likely. If you've rehearsed a calm approach in your mind, you may not succumb to the urge to just let the issue drop. Speak up for yourself and deal with conflict constructively. If you still find yourself quelching thoughts, pick up a self-help book, take a class about communicating with others, or consider couples counseling. It can always be worked out if that be your goal. God Bless to all and good luck in all endeavors. P.

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Chana said...

there is always, always someone worse of than you/me/us. no matter how bad the situation may be or how not so bad. that is just the way it is i guess. that being said somebody's worse or better cross doesn't take away from our own cross. God give us what we can handle. it is not up to us to say whose cross is heavier. the best thing to do is to deal with the best of our abilities what we have been given.

it's horrible that your friend has lost his father. my condolences.
how terrible that your niece may have cancer. how scary for all of you. love, prayer and faith helps to heal. but no matter what remember that He is in control.

i am not very good at keeping my mouth quiet. yes, i don't like fights or stress but i can't swallow anything the stress eats me up inside. good to hear that speaking up it's good for my heart. your post are always so insightful. thank you.

take care. remember to be good to you too. hugs galore.