Tuesday, May 30, 2006

diet promise

I'm so glad that eating weekend is all over with. I feel like I probably have a food hang-over. I kept my promises to myself-- day three; took to the stairs and read some pages of a diet book, day four; took to the stairs, passed up pizza and cake, ate out and left half of the fries and slaw (I always clean the plate, day five; went to a bar-b-cue and passed on seconds of anything (another first.) I know they are little things but every little change in the right direction will exchange my bad habits with good habits. Of course I am jumping on the scale often (which I am addicted to) and I don't see a loss but at least there is no recent gain. It also helps to know I am still having water retention regardless of the water pills. Surely when the excess water is gone a few pounds might take a hike. I am a year-round sweater when I move around a lot, also looking forward to the hot weather calling on more perspiration and a quicker loss in weight on the scale. I don't care if it is only a liquid loss, anything to see the scale numbers decline.

Naturally occurring sugars in fruits vegetables and milk are fine when consumed in normal recommended amounts.

With out discipline we can solve nothing!


Chana said...

it sounds like you are doing very well and i know that pleases you, so i'm happy for you are happier/gladder. i'm also proud of you. very. you write beautiful, i hope you know that...hugs.

Bert Sledge said...

It's a battle dear, one I have waged and lost many times. I had 2 surgeries last year and am still trying to get back. Combine that with eating too many carbs sometimes and it... well the same old story. My best wishes and prayers go with you. Visit me occassionally and leave a note, tell me how it is going.

The Hammer