Friday, May 26, 2006

diet promise

A changed attitude helps unchanged bad habits or circumstances.

I promise to myself for "DAY TWO," I will not skip breakfast or lunch no matter how busy I may be or how long I will be away from home. I will eat my three meals (my entitlement) each one separately and not all at one time calorie-wise. I will carry some food with me, if I have to, to be safe. I am not really on a diet yet. I am only promising myself to make one change everyday as the need comes up. There is a drawback here. I must first finish all of the food I have in the house before I shop for healthier foods. (There is no junk food here, still a no-fail environment.) Even with my daily water pills, my body has water retention. My ankles and my chins are swollen with liquid. Processed foods are too salty, even though they are easier and quicker to fix for a meal. It is hard to cook for one person for one meal.

I do have a confession. Last night at my function, I did stay away from the sugary desserts. The temptation was tremendous! I'm addicted to sugars. I kept thinking for that three hours what couple of desserts would I have chosen to eat and why don't I just take it home and wait until 12:00 am comes around. Then I can eat my sugar stuff and no one would know the difference, after all, I did make it past the allotted time for day one. Self denial will only make me stronger each time! At least I passed that test. It was not fun. I felt tormented. It is easier for me if I am not around the stuff, not be tempted or even think on it. I have a tendency to always put myself in food situations. One day at a time. We'll see what day three offers for me as an opportunity to change some bad habit.

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Chana said...

You are doing good...good luck in day 3...
Hope you have a wonderful wknd...Take care and keep on smiling...Hugs..