Friday, August 04, 2006


FACT: Food with a low percentage of fat can still have a high
percentage of calories derived from fat.

JOKE: My waist, I realized one day in a dressing room has
completely disappeared beneath my rib cage, which now rest
directly on my hips. I'm exhibiting continental drift in reverse.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Character is doing what's right, when
nobody's looking.


iportion said...

A while back I was shopping with my mom she wanted to by the fat free cookies. I showed her they had more caloeries than the reg cookies whiched shocked her.

The first time I lost weight I took a break from my heathy diet and gained it all back on "healthy" fat free baked goods. I'd eat a whole row of fat free fig Newtons

Chana said...

hello beautiful..just stop by to wish you a peaceful and nice wknd..hope you aren't in major heat over cooled big time here today..i'm cozy under my blanket and warm socks, woo hoo...

hugs. lots of love..

the joke is funny as find all good ones i tell you.

Lily T said...

I like your thought for the dqay.