Saturday, August 12, 2006


I've been tagged by iportion and she was tagged by Candy. I
don't even know three bloggers to tag. I'm working on it though.

Name 5 weird things about yourself:

1. Music, the louder the better, and I can never get enough.

2. I talk to animals, at home it's a bird and large fish.

3. Love to hand shred all papers.

4. I forget where I put my chewed gum down.

5. I can tweeze the hair off of my legs.

I have tagged:
1. Chubby Toes
2.Lily T
3. Blogging Texas Mommy

1 comment:

Chana said...

i can't believe i had missed this post too..well, better late than never..

i like the 'good vibrations' (can you hear the song?) of music, loud is nice, specially when it's steering happy emotions..i talk to animals, kids, and things as i do things,lol...what is your bird and it's name? and large fish, what type and name? he, he, curious...i loooved to hand shred papers too, i think it's therapeutic for me. the gum thing, well not me, but certainly my kids too often, and then i find it, lol...and i can tweeze my legs too...but too painful after a few

oh i loved this list of yours...i hope you get tagged more, so i can learn lots more about you...

hugs, hugs.