Thursday, August 03, 2006


I call it a break because I am not doing the usual things I have
done in the past that give me results. There are a lot of (excuses)
but I call them reasons, why now is not a good time to set myself
up for defeat. I arrived home last night at 9:30 pm and ate my
dinner at 10:00 pm just before bed, a real no-no.

I did pass up, even though I was very hungry, the opportunity
to get any junky sweets. I looked at them. I took home two
one dollar meat and cheese burritos since nothing was fixed
to eat when I got home. At lunch I had a bag of popcorn with
light butter and I only ate half instead of the whole bag which
is easy for me to do.

Don't anyone tell me at least I am trying to do something good.
You don't know the whole truth. I have finished off a medium
jar of peanutbutter in one week with tablespoons. I thought it
would curb my sweet tooth in a pinch. I forgot I need to stay
away from my trigger foods. I find it is a trigger food if I can
easily devour it.

I had to throw a lot of fruits and vegetables away this past week
because I was not home long enough to eat them all up. And
that is not the first time. I dislike throwing food away which
stems from my childhood. I think that is why I clean my plate.

On a lighter note: have a good day and remember to fall back on
a good attitude.


Chana said...

alright you are upset and a bit disapointed with your decisions...but you can't beat yourself over them anymore. it's done. and today is another day. forward for both of us my sweet. forward and no looking back and beating ourselves.

i love you. hugs. smile. you are good. you are doing good. remember even Jesus fell. More than once. and He is God...Perfect...and He too fell...

iportion said...

Don't beat yourself up just try yourself.

Diet breaks lead to binges for me.
One food I am still scared about is canned frosting. I make my own frosting for now.

Have you thought of calorie counting that way you can have sweets and peanutbutter but you count them. I found most foods I try not to deprive myself I tell myself is it worth it. Sometimes it is worth it.

Can you count peanutbutter instead of binging on it?

A 1/2 tbs of peanutbutter would be half the calories of a full one. Reduced fat peanutbutter has the same calories as full fat peanutbutter.

Here is a treat 1/2 tbs peanut putter cook in a serving of oatmeal and add surgar subsitute.

Lene Petite said...

Sometimes its quite normal to make a celebration for your belly! The main thing is not to get used to it!!

Lily T said...

At least you are aware of what you are doing! Take your awareness and turn it around. You can do it!

Make small changes. See if they will help. Don't buy easily devourable food or put them way out of your reach in the pantry. If you are snacking to satisfy some emotion, figure out an alternative action you can do to satisfy it. Also I've read that if your cravings are REALLY strong, you should just treat yourself a serving and no more. That might work for you.

Also, you can prepare and bring your vegetables to work.