Friday, August 11, 2006

pretend one worked

I must say it wasn't hard to play the game for the 24
hour period of one day but I could feel it getting harder
as the opportunities kept coming on strong. Plus it was a
very long busy day which always presses my binge button.

1. I was checking out at the pharmacy and talking down to the
candy bars that insisted I needed to have breakfast.

2. I closed my eyes at lunch time when the salty Chex Mix said
are you going to miss another meal and kept getting in my way.
Instead I ate some sliced roast beef by itself, with a glass of Chi-tea.

3. I went up and down stairways around five or six times without
any reason at all.

4. I skipped the cold soda and opt for refills of my water glass.

5. At dinner I said no to a second helping of meat and pasta which
was tantalizing.

6. My pudding pushing daughter, which doesn't take no for an
answer, concerning dessert, let it rest.

7. During the video, the dreaded buttered popcorn reared its
head more than once. This was one time I wished I didn't have
a nose.

8. Then there was me alone and the TV, late at night, and
feeling hungry. Here's what was in my path: Reeses Peanut-
butter cup, Hershey's soft caramel Treasures, Pringles Ranch
Chips, two kinds of ice cream and caramel sauce and cherries.
I do not go to find those things behind any doors. They get in my
eyes and are a hand-length away.

9. Knowing I have to feed the need before my compulsion steps up,
I ate a slice of roast beef lunch meat. (Mistake.) I woke up my
taste buds that were rallying around like a commercial! To shut
them up I stuffed down two bananas thinking it would be way too
filling in 20 minutes.

10. I began to be obsessive about the clock and watch for the day's
end of 12:01 am. The Triptophan in the bananas put me in la la
land and all of the temptations were asleep.

11. I woke up to shut off the TV and to make a tinkle. I though I'd
do a little stretching before I retired. Hey it's 1:56 am, I had a
good pretend-a-diet day.

RED ALERT, RED ALERT! It's been over three hours since my
mouth has opened wide. My sugar-low reminder alarm went off,
and so did I! I went straight (which wasn't far) to the ice cream
with the caramel sauce and cherry. I thought I should at least
skip the bowl and use a cup instead.

No boos please! I did do the whole day as I said I would. I think
I may try that again some time but go to bed early. Maybe it
will turn into a whole week. All it takes is practice! Sorry for
the long post but two people asked to hear about it.


Lily T said...

Dang girl! You have alot of temptation in your day! Good job!

Chana said...

it's a very nice view into your did good. no one is perfect, everyone has weakness..i don't think i obssess over food but i certainly do about other things just as destructive. for me it's my mind that won't shut up and makes me question and's my emotions that overwhelm me...everyone has their weakness, everyone my friend.

you are doing good. you are working on it and that my sweet is a great accomplishment.