Monday, August 07, 2006

excess skin

Every time I get determined to step up my game for losing weight I
see something on TV that grosses me out. Last week it was another
one of those bodies entrapped by their own loose skin. It was some
eighty pounds of unwanted skin, worse looking than fat, dimpling,
hanging, folding, overlapping, jiggling, and taking up space in clothes
that could be a smaller size if not in the way!

Is that something to look forward to if once obese? The elasticity
and gravity pull on your skin all has to do with age and losing over
about 150 pounds. Show me some positive results (skin) that
doesn't need corrected after the weight loss. The loss should be
followed by maintenance not surgery.

At the store I picked up a full length mirror. Low and behold I
found the spots where I lost most of my sixty pounds and I'm
not happy about it! It is my inner thighs and there is some skin
to be reckoned with? My focus is changing now. I find myself
looking for the spots where I lost fat and how it has changed
my appearance in that particular spot. I am finding deflated
fat cells making the skin take on wrinkles in odd places like
below my wrists and around my clavicle. Okay the neck area
but that is expected. As a matter of fact I have done neck
exercises for a very long time to try and keep that double
chin toned down. I don't know maybe this is my complaining
day in place of (PMS) which I never really had symptoms of.

Thought: When it comes to giving love, the opportunities are
unlimited, and we are all gifted.


TC said...

I don't think that everyone who loses a lot of weight gets that loose skin. I think that if you lose it quickly it can happen. My friend has lost about 70 lbs and has no loose skin at all.

Cuppojoe said...

One of the guys who used to work where I work lost over 100 lbs so quickly that we all thought we was either sick, or had stomach-stapling surgery without telling anyone. His skin didn't get a loose, though, so I don't know why it happens to some and not to others.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. It's encouraging to hear that others like the photos as much as I do! And I'll be sure to pass your birthday wishes along to the little blondie just as soon as she gets home from her Mom's.

Chana said...

i saw that medical show too i was a great amount of skin...

you are doing a great job, don't worry..


Lily T said...

I think the loose skin thing is genetics.

I have the same fear as you. In the end, I'd rather be healthy.