Monday, August 21, 2006


I have 30 places I frequently read all listed on my blog posted
06-19-06 BLOG READS. I saw Maria's entry, I just have to
repeat. It is so pertinent for me to remember if I want to be
on any kind of diet. Her site is alittlejoyfortoday.

>one decision
>one small action
>one step out of the comfort zone

Don't forget the newest listing of neaorgwellness, plenty of links.

(Iportion, I did eat only a bite of wedding cake, it wasn't as hard
as I thought it was going to be.)

(Chana, I still can't get a comment to post on your blog site, I won't
give up, hang in there, you know what follows!)

To anyone else who has left a comment on my site and did not
receive a return v&c. Sometimes my computer works and most
of the time it doesn't. It takes almost an hour just to post on my
blog. I will be paying for someone to come and check it out when
I have a chance and the money. I know I probably need a newer
model. I think it is foolish to be wasting the money for a server
monthly, when I can make a quick posting on someone else's
computer. I started this blog at the center where I was exercising
last year. I haven't had the chance to return to my wellness room
since the 29th of March this year. I really miss the exercise! I
guess that is why my weight fluctuates up and down so much.

Oh, I have a horror story to tell. I also miss my weigh-ins at
my support group. I was there the first Tuesday in June only.
Here's the kicker.....I assumed I was only a pound or two up
from my last weigh-in, back and forth on my scale now. Do
tell it is a digital scale. Because I use it around four or five
times a day, I wore down the battery and was not aware of it.
I used a scale at my daughters house the other day and almost
fell off of it with being blown over by the dial that was going in
the wrong direction! 15 pounds, did you hear me 15 pounds in
four months I'm a large bundle of nerves right now! My daughter
assured me it was incorrect. She has it set five pounds ahead.
That doesn't make me feel any lighter! I will go back to my
10 year old scale that has to be set 28 pounds ahead and then
I do the math.

I'm all about psychology, it works for me. I would rather step on
the scale just before I eat, it helps me eat a little less if I see a
gain. My scale hours, when I get up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and
before I hit the sack. No wonder they crumble under my pressure.
I have a significant loss and still need to continue for a couple more

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The only sense that is common in the
long run, is the sense of change...and we all instinctively avoid it.


Chana said...

don't worry. i know you come to read and i know what follows. i can feel it :) ..

glad you got to have a bit of the cake. hope you had fun.

don't worry i'm sure the scale is way off..i weigh different things at different places..they are all set differently.

about the thought of the day..i hate change..yuck...

hope you are happy. i love you. hugs..

iportion said...

scales can be way off. My scale said I had gaine 8 pounds overnight. I lost that weight over a day. It was fake weight. You can have up to 6 pounds of fake weight on a scale due to water weight
but there some who've had more.

I hope your comp will work better soon.

Anonymous said...

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