Monday, August 28, 2006

fatty acids

Vitamins and minerals come from all of the good-for-you foods listed in the new food pyramid (which includes being active), however, when unable to take in enough of servings listed sometimes supplements may be necessary. Never make a decision about your health without talking to your doctor about it. They always ask you what meds you are on or are you taking anything. People with diabetes should not take fish oil supplements because of the high fat content, but they should consume essential fatty acids necessary for good health. One job it does is the rebuilding and the producing of cells. Essential fatty acids are found in fish oils, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, grape seed oil, and primrose oil.

Fish oil is a good source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Four ounces of salmon contains up to 3,600 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, while 4 ounces of cod (a low-fat fish) contains only 300 milligrams.


High Mercury Fish,
Tuna steaks
Canned albacore tuna
King mackerel
Wild salmon

Low Mercury Fish,
Salmon (high omega-3)

When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.

I just read an article by Dean Ornish MD on omega-3s. Please follow up with my entry here tomorrow. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

The FDA and EPA have issued advisories about which fish to avoid, and the advisories are mainly targeted at women who are or might become pregnant, and children. The fish you list as being high in mercury are the same ones the FDA lists, with the exception of wild salmon. I have not seen any evidence that wild salmon is high in mercury on the order of shark or swordfish. One organization, Oceana, is trying to get grocery chains to post the FDA advisories at their seafood counters. Due in part to their efforts, some chains, including Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Safeway have voluntarily agreed to post signs to inform their customers about these advisories. However, CostCo, Trader Joes, and WalMart among many others have refused to do so. Oceana has a list of which companies care enough to post this advice, as well as a list of which ones do not. Their Green List and Red List can be found at They even have an interactive map there that is really helpful in finding a store near you that is posting the advisories, as well as actions you can take to help get the signs posted in other stores. It can be confusing to figure out which fish to eat and which fish to avoid, especially when you also consider those high in omega-3, but I found Oceana’s website really helpful!

thinkoffthefat said...

Thank you anonymous for your comprehensive alert for the public to check out the well informed sites and the up date on the stores that help remind us of mercury in fish. I hope your comment is read, few people come by here and never really stay. I will edit and suggest they read the comment here you so kindly posted. Bless you.

Krishna109 said...


I discovered your site via BlogExplosion...

I was reading about mercury contamination and discovered something interesting. While there are lists of which specific fish have more mercury, there' a general rule of thumb-- because of their position on the 'food chain'--smaller fish tend to have less mercury.

For example sardines tend to be low in mercury...sardines are also a rich source of omega 3's.

Larger fish tend to have more mercury--for example tuna swordfish.

Another way to get Omega 3's-- you can buy flaxseed oil in health food stores. It goes bad unless you keep it in the frig...actually, its better to keep it in the freezer. I like it with vinegar on salad.

Also, flaxseeds themselves are one of the best veg. they have lots of other important nutrients... plus good source of fiber. To get the full benefits, grind them [a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle]. Add to anything-- nice nutty flavour, I like them in oatmeal.

The other really good veg. source is Walnuts [also containing other nutrients as well]. Best to eat nuts that unsalted and not roasted.
Walnuts have a lot of healthy fat--but it is fat-- they can be fattening if you eat too many.

Anonymous said...

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