Saturday, August 19, 2006


Stretching is so easy and has many benefits. It can be done almost
anywhere at any time. It is easy and gentle, a pleasurable motion
that increases your body's range. It can be done at any age and a
little bit at a time. (Next I will post on how to stretch properly if
you want to feel younger with these advantages.) Here are some
improvements that will occur if you do it regularly and properly:

*Boost mood
*Stand taller
*Get more energy
*Reduce stiffness
*Drive away stress
*Improve circulation
*Relax mind and body
*Sharpen mental focus
*Maximize strength gains
*Perform daily tasks easily
*Ease into an exercise program
*Prevent soreness after exercise
*Relieve back, joint, and muscle pain
*Increase flexability and range of motion
*Enhance body awareness and coordination


iportion said...

I need to do that more.

iportion said...

I never stretch as much as I should.

Good luck with journaling