Tuesday, August 08, 2006

change is good

Most people want to change the world to improve their lives.
What a wasted effort. If they would only improve themselves,
they would be better off and so would the world.

I'm all for change especially in a diet. If it's not working then
use another approach. If it works in the beginning and a loss
does not occur in a long time then raise the bar and increase
the amount of exercise and its intensity. Try to cut back on
the amount of calories but keep it at a level needed to function
in peak condition according to your statistics. Look at the fat
saturation in your foods, use very little sugar and simple carbs.
Try a journal to see if you can pin point what is slowing down
you reaching your goal. This is assuming that you know a goal
is the key to success. Make a commitment weekly about what
you want to do for that week towards improving your behavior.
Give yourself motivational talks about why you want to do this
and what you will get out of it when it happens. Read read read
you can never know too much about healthy eating and a healthy
body. Don't forget the mind and spirit also need nourishment.

Okay physician, heal thyself.


Chana said...

some very deep and true words my sweet...something for all of us to remember..hugs.

iportion said...

Journals can be very helpfull even when things are going well. Theyu can give you insites into what you're eating.

iportion said...

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