Sunday, August 13, 2006


* You can walk 10,000 steps to justify your 500 calorie bagel
with cream cheese, or try this: low-fat spreadable cheese like
Laughing Cow Light on an English muffin. Saves 300 calories.

* The more you eat protein earlier on, the less you eat as the
day wears on, research has shown. So after your cereal, add a
hard-boiled egg or a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick to keep
you feeling full--and away from that pre-lunch brownie. Saves
200 calories or more.

* Instead of pouring that 1/3 cup of half-and-half (which is a
whopping 105 calories) into your mug, replace it with the same
amount of 2% milk. Saves 60 calories.

* You don't have to give up the real deal of butter--instead of a
tablespoon of stick butter, use a tablespoon of whipped and cut
half the calories. Saves 30 calories.

* Pick up an angel food cake for dessert. It's packed with air and
has fewer than half the calories of, say pound cake. Saves 70 calories.

* Use one mini whole-wheat pita instead of the usual two slices of
white or refined wheat bread for your sandwich. Saves 70 calories.

* Instead of a candy bar, try a sugar-free, reduced-calorie Jell-O
chocolate pudding snack with a squirt of nonfat whipped cream
topping. Eat it with a baby spoon to savor it longer. Saves 185 calories.


new illuminati said...

You don't eat non-fat. You just STOP EATING FOR EMOTIONAL 'REASONS'. Then you can forget eating all that garbage for nothing.

...jus me said...

Lots of good tips, thanks!

Chana said...

hon, do you think it's a real bad sign that as i read this post, that i obviously had missed and i apologize for :), i got

love you, hope you are well...