Thursday, August 17, 2006


If your spouse or partner has memorized your menstrual cycle out
of self-defense, it's time to try these three nutrients. Andrea
Rapkin, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA School
of Medicine, reports that they can help vanquish the symptoms of

With calcium, a study of 500 PMS-prone women, taking 1,200-mg
supplements daily eased mood swings, depression, irritability, and
bloating by 50%.

Magnesium, taking 200 mg per day helped relieve water retention and
mood swings in women in several British studies.

With vitamin B6, numerous studies show that B6 alleviates PMS-
related depression, especially when combined with magnesium. To
avoid serious side effects, take no more than 50 to 100 mg daily.


Chana said...

i don't get mad or nasty. i get sad if anything...and i get horrible pains that have been known to land me in hospital..i also either not bleed and just labor (trust me, they onced measure the contractions in the hosp because the doc could feel them..that is how bad they were..they hit in the 80's..he was stunned) or i's usually one hemorrage to two dry labors...

i hate my sis has horrible pains too..we both worry over our daughters...

Chana said...

don't worry i know you have troubles with the comp...i know you come and read and wish me love and hugs...i can feel them..

but i want to tell you i don't have 2 sites going...just the one, with the big turtle on the top...

i was trying to get a new template (the one you saw work in progress)but i never did like the job that was done...Joe may be able someday to fix it but i doubt it will ever go up and replace the one i use now. i had hired someone to do it, she did amazing job for everyone else..but i don't like what i got..

iportion said...

my comp is acting up as well it should be fixed soon.

The wedding was also on valentines day and I had to go to family for dinner and I wanted to plan to eat chocolate. You can have the whole piece of cake with planning but why can’t split with someone. I split it with my little one.

TC said...

I get sad and over emotional. PMS sucks