Sunday, August 06, 2006


Remember those silly-looking vibrating-belt machines that
pledged to giggle you thin? Maybe they weren't such a joke.
"Whole body vibration" is winning fans at the gym, including
big names like Lance Armstrong and Gwen Stefani.

Sleeker than the old units, new ones from Power Plate and
Orthometrix work on the same principle: Involuntary muscle
contractions may boost strength, blood flow, and flexibility. To
date, there's little science behind it. Is it just us, or does this fad
seem a bit shaky?


Chana said...

i'm so sorry that you are having trouble with that naughty computer. i'm very happy you were able to post. i remember seeing them in the tv and thought of course they were a fad and not really something that never know now, maybe things are different. but really, how can we tell? all those celebs that are using it and behind it and singing it's praise have already perfect bodies, so how can we tell? lol

hugs. hope you are well.

iportion said...

Well it's moving your body but can't we do that on our own.
A lot of celbs our just like us they fall for fads out of desperation. They are so made to feel their worth by how much they weigh.