Thursday, August 10, 2006

make believe

If I am not going to follow my own advice I should at least try
to save face and fake it. Maybe if I role play I can get into the
swing of things. Make believe is done by all at some time in their
life. It sounds a little immature but it felt so real to pretend. As
an adult, who doesn't pretend to be happy, satisfied, impressed,
welcoming, in-love, and at work busy in front of others? Who do
you know that is 100% themselves all of the time in front of people
or alone and not afraid to show their other side? I put it at rest.

I can pretend to be on a diet, maybe it will sink in and spur me on to
act it out. After all, you would not pretend to be something you didn't
like to be. I feel a little pert, I haven't played a game of make believe
in a long time. I'll have to start tomorrow, and set up my props. If
something is available that is not good for a diet, I will have to reply,
I can't eat that right now, I'm pretending to be on a diet! This will be
a one day experiment. Wish me luck! No, I have not gone off the
deep end.


Chana said...

make belief?
all the sorts of things we all do honey. in all sorts of ways. for all sorts of reasons.

at least you are trying. that is all we do. try. and not all are even good for that.

of course you haven't gone off the deep end. that is not how it reads. i know.

don't spend your time punishing yourself for being human. try and try again. that is good enough.

i love you.

Lily T said...

sounds like fun! let u=me know how it turns out

iportion said...

Let me know how it's working out for you