Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday started out an incredibly nice day and ended up an incredibly sad day. Thank God today's a new day. Now I have to whine. Yesterday I skipped dinner and today, I gained a pound? What's up with the scale? To top that off, I only had eight minutes on the bike and only did one mile before the bus picked me up to go home. I really don't like missing the full time I usually spend at the weight room. Sometimes I am torn between doing my voluntary work at the center and spending quality time in the exercise room. I did 5.75 hours straight through lunchtime working on mailings. I skipped the coffee room and rolls, and declined to join in on a spring celebration meeting with goodies and still that determined pound stays put. I also chose to not join in on the clubs evening gathering with goodies of course, and guess what, that pound had a friend called sixteen ounces, and they clung together like white on rice. I had a productive day but it was hectic. Does stress add on weight? I sort of like my day to be at my own pace, not the pace that others want me to keep. I had two requests for help at the same time. Thank God for simple decisions and no more major lifetime commitments. I guess I'm finished for now but that pound and its buddy better get lost! Oh my it's 8:50 pm and I haven't had dinner yet.

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Chana said...

My doctor is firm with his notion that you cannot gain 5 lbs just by eating supper...but he is wrong. I have been known to weight exactly 5lbs less just before i eat and weigh myself right after and their they are....figures!
...sometime ago i just threw my scale in the garbage...the numbers game drove me crazy. I like not knowing now until i go to the docs...and i have no choice lol :) ...
I'm sorry you had a bad day...thank you for volunteering, that is very kind of you...Pls do remember to take care of yourself as well though..