Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I only did forty minutes in the weight room today after missing a whole week. From there I went to the computer room to post on my blog for 90 minutes, but I thought it was a clever entry with lots of dry humor and a keen description of the antics that followed the card party with food etc. I am so up set because I asked the instructor where the spell check was on their computers and he preceded to try and find it and deleted my whole page by mistake! I don't want to talk about it or think on it. Stay cool----just enter something else. Any way I do tend to make them too long. Weigh-in was a teeny tiny quarter of a pound loss, better than a gain. Why can't my mind and body get it together and agree on the exercise room? Sometimes my mind is determined to do it but my body is lethargic. Sometimes my body runs straight to the room and cycles away but I hear my mind saying are we done yet? I think the music has to improve. I love it loud and with 140 bpm.

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