Thursday, March 09, 2006

in competition

I feel like I'm in a race to get more viewers. I'm not in this to be ahead, behind, or well liked (would be nice.) I just want to lose weight to live longer etc. I am a struggler, a survivor, and a determined person to continue in my quest no matter how many times I have set backs or how often time lapse between motivation and successes. I am looking for an edge, in finding like minded people, to relate to and share with. In a study of 309 dieters for two years, those who had a support group lost 30% more weight than those who dieted alone. No Man Is An Island!

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Kathie said...

Thanks for visiting my site (God-Incidence).

You are right about losing weight with others, or having others supporting you in that. Last year I lost 14kg over 8 months by going to Weight Watchers and attending weekly meetings. I've now set up a gym at home, have totally changed how I prepare my food and what I eat and the whole family have benefited, with hubby losing some weight and one of our daughters as well - the others didn't need to, but we're all healthier for it. I've stopped going to WW and am slower now in my weight loss (there may be a correlation there) but I am still in control, not increasing weight and continuing to exercise and eat properly - although I'll never be able to give up chocolate :-)) Drinking lots of water daily helps heaps. All the best!