Tuesday, March 07, 2006


T-h-e-y'-re b-a-c-k! {All the excuses not to be able to follow through with my exercise program for today.] My best machine that I always do (and broke twice) is out of commission again. The weight room was filled both times I checked back for an opening. I have to miss the next two days, prior commitments. My knee that was operated on a while back is very sore. The recumbent stair climber has a broken rod, that is easier on my knees than the other twelve options to use. NEVER LET WHAT YOU CAN'T DO GET IN THE WAY OF WHAT YOU CAN! Oh my, now what do I do for an excuse? I went to play cards where the gigantic fancy breakfast muffins all sat staring at my mouth. Did I give in? Yes but, one bite and it tasted stale. I immediately let it end up in the trash can. After all if I am going to suffer the consequences of a weight gain, it better make my mouth water and my tongue be happy. Since I felt a serge of power by saying no, I quickly left for the weight room again. I had to go twice to be able to squeeze in my forty minutes. My weigh-in is tonight. I missed two weeks and had a gain. I haven't had time to eat anything yet. I know that makes me feel starved and it also makes me want to compensate by taking in my whole day of calorie allotment in one meal. Stop that insanity, okay Susan.

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