Friday, March 10, 2006


At my last weigh-in I had a nine pound loss. Don't cheer for me yet. I had taken a water pill for three days straight. I love it when the top of my socks don't leave a deep circled indentation for a day or two. The water retention is enormous and constant. It has been three days now and all is back, the indentations and the nine pounds! I guess I'll check with my doctor to see if I should be taking one a day. That makes me wonder now, if the last forty pounds was all water. Of course I haven't been at the weight room this week, I know that has a big bearing on my losses and water retention. I'll do better next week. It all boils down to cutting out the salt. I don't know which is harder to give up the sugar or the salt. The butter runs a near third in the search for what keeps me gaining. In fourth position is my portions, no control there. I feel it coming on, the guilt trips, don't forget that eating at night! Stop it right now, beating up yourself and reviewing your known bad habits is not the answer. Affirmation is a motivating gesture so use it on yourself and get back in the swing of things. Compare last year to this year. You have lost 40 pounds, 44 inches, do the weight room three days a week, joined a support group, strive for a no-fail environment at home, cut way back on the fast foods, learned to say no once in a while, keep a diet journal, trigger foods are few and far between, and you are much more informed now than ever. Put one wing back on and strive for the other this coming year, next year add more good habits and the halo of light may show up with your excess fat all gone. I'm certainly no angel but I am striving to do good. Hurry hurry! Wish me luck.

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