Sunday, March 19, 2006

thinner thinking

Another birthday party today, all day food, food, food. This weekend eating out, family dinner birthday party. I can't change the events that surround me but I can change how I think. Being overweight I find myself saying in my mind, I've got to have at least two servings. Anybody can see my stomach is so stretched out and bigger than others, I surely need more to feel full. I'm going to try to use thinner thinking. I will pretend I have a body I'm satisfied with, when it's time to eat. I don't want to lose my healthy weight, constant maintaining will prevail. What would thinny minny eat at this time? I'm going to find a healthy magazine picture and paste my face on it. Every time I eat I will study that picture I carry with me at all times. I heard that your brain can't tell the difference between an image that you actually see and one that you're simply imagining inside your head. Images can trigger physiological changes in mind and body!

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