Sunday, March 05, 2006


DONNA said
A Diet Poem...... Girl, my body is ripped with riot, incited by my haunting diet. "We are what we eat", said a wise old man! Girl, if that's true, I'm a garbage can. To rise on lose-weigh-in day, it's plain! With my present weight, I'll need a crane.
So give me insight, that I may not fall into the clutches of cholesterol. May my flesh with carrot-curls be dated, that my body may be poly unsaturated.
And help me weigh-light, that I may bear witnessto the President's Council on Physical Fitness. And at oleo margarine I'll never mutter, for the road to my belly is spread with butter.
And cream is spreading; and cake is awful; and cellular cottage cheese is hiding in every waffle. Thunder thighs waits in provolone; Midriff bulge is in each slice of baloney,
Thick ankles is in a chocolate drop, and a spare tire is a lollipop. Give me more time my daily slice. Cut it thin and toast it twice.
Look upon my dimpled knees, to see what came from jujube's. And when my days of struggle are done, and my war with malted milk is won,
Let me stand with a thong, In a shining robe -- size 30 long. I can do it girl, if you'll trust in me, says the calories of lettuce and celery.
Teach me the wiles of mayonnaise, And of pasta a la Milanese and crisp-fried chicken from the South. Girl, if you love yourself, shut my mouth.
Let it be!
edited by magmem
Well, I tried to edit the posting comment on 2/25 (exercise,Curves) which was a poem posted and I didn't care for the wording. Not knowing what to do, I experimented and brought it back incase anyone thought it was funny or cute, sorry for the outcome, but I believe for me it was for the better, because I was not comfortable the other way. God Bless all. HERE'S A BIG THANKS!

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puppytoes said...

the poem rocks! don't know what the words were before you changed 'em... but i'm liking what they say now!

thank you so much for visiting yesterday... and i hope you'll come back (tho' i also hope i'm not too rowdy for you, you're very sweet and i would never want to offend, but sometimes i think i'm a little, shall we say...mouthy?) on the other hand, when my "mommy" is posting pictures of me and bobo and max and fuzzy (our silly old cat) i can't think we're too terribly offensive! so please visit again, and, with your kind permission, i'll come back here!

hope you have a lovely week... and god bless you, too! : )