Saturday, March 11, 2006


After dieting most of my life on and off, I've come the realization, this has got to stop. Yes I've had successes and plenty of failures in taking off the fat and weight way too many times. I have wondered how much of a total weight I lost all of those years. It certainly lead up to the combined total weight of about half of a dozen of normal weighing people. What a waste of money, time, effort, self-esteem, and healthy-helpful information. Make this the last hooray and utilize every tool and all resources. My heart beats out "do it or never do it again, I've had enough." The past has taught me so many lessons during that journey. I have learned about commitment, consistency, self-discipline, self-denial, control, body cues, putting myself first when necessary, keeping my priorities straight, and sacrifice. I also learned sticking with it even if I didn't want to, even if there was something more exciting going on somewhere else, even if I couldn't see where all of my efforts were taking me, and even if it all became temporal and boring, I have discovered you use it to lose it or in exercise, use it or lose the use of it. Would you agree?


Mikestar said...

hi there,
thanks for your kind words on my weblog... Yours is pretty awesome too.

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Bless your socks off

Rose DesRochers said...

Weight is something that many of us battle and at one point in our life everyone is displeased with their body. I think that it’s more important to eat healthy than diet. Dieting can lead to things like anorexia and bulimia. It’s important to love yourself no matter what size you are.