Saturday, July 01, 2006

stomach ache

I read this article and don't remember where it came from but I
thought it was interesting. Before you reach for the antacids, you
may want to hit the gym. Though exercise may be the last thing
on your mind, you'll probably feel much better afterward, say
researchers at the University of Washington and other institutions.
In their study of 983 obese or overweight men and women, they
found that those who exercised the most had the fewest GI problems,
such as abdominal pain or diarrhea.

What gives? It may be that by exercising you feel better overall, so
you notice painful GI symptoms less. Or it might be that by
exercising, you kick in something physiologically that reduces GI
symptoms, says study author Rona Levy, a psychologist. This
study examined only overweight people, but the researchers
suspect that exercise could also help normal-weight or underweight
people with GI problems.

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Weight Loss Motivation said...

From my own experience, exercise surely helps with bowel movements. If I take a break from my exercise routine, I sometime can easily get constipation.