Friday, July 28, 2006


The weather is down to two digits, I guess I can talk now if the
hot computer will comply.
Everyday I get a glimpse of how I have changed or how I still
need to work on other bad habits that hold me back from being
totally successful in my quest for wellness and being a normal
weight according to my age and height. Whether I'm losing weight
or gaining weight I am a stickler for using Behavior Modification
to bring about a continual change by exchanging a bad habit with
adding a new good habit.
I still get my sweet cravings many times especially when I am
hungry or at a store in the sweet aisles. Most of the time I have
learned to avoid the leering or just walk faster past the sweets
that just don't taste as good as they use to. Not only that, I don't
like how they make me feel later on.
I'm not saying I study, but I have a habit of reading everything
that now goes into my mouth. Certain things turn me off, that's
a "diff.."
Today I detected a childhood bad habit I still practice. "Save the
best for last." Of course it is never revealed until the regrets
give you this yuck feeling, "why did I even finish eating the last
part of the meal when it wasn't taste-worthy?"
I need to hide my scale again because when in the morning I
face my scale before I face the bathroom mirror, a small loss
from the previous night always makes me think I have a few
extra calories to play around with today, (I think I'll eat a no-no.)
I am addicted to my scale like Linus is to his blankie! I talked one
time posting a "{scale tale}" about how in the middle of the night
in my jammies, I went outside looking for my scale for comfort.
When will I ever grow up or quit getting in touch with my inner
child-like self?
If you still hung in here sorry for blabbering, I miss the writing,


Lily T said...

I have a sweet tooth also. I eat sweets quickly, before I can think about what I'm doing and feel guilty. I then realize that I'll eat alot of what wasn't that tasty in the first place. I'm trying to learn to have my sweets in moderation. I'm trying to allow myself a serving and savor the experience. Stop eating when I realize that the experience isn't worth the calories.

iportion said...

Maybe get rid of the scale until after you goal and get a nice one for a reward.
You can weigh yourself weekly at the mall if you have a mall or at a friends house.
I am trying to re-teach myself that one bite will do with somethings.
I also need to stop making tasteless sweets that are low cal and eating more slowly again.

jan said...

Dark chocolate is my downfall, but I think of it as medicine.

Our heat wave is coming to a close too. Today temps in the 90's felt cool...funny how your body can adjust to certain external elements.

Thanks for visiting and don't worry, TP&DB will never have a story without a good ending.