Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1 more excuse

Following my injury on Thursday and in the ER, I spent four
days in bed medicated. Yesterday was my first day out with my
walker, today I went out and used the walker part time. Tomorrow
is my follow up with the doctor. Does that vindicate me for not
exercising? (I need to be focused and concentrate on doing the
right thing for losing weight and getting healthier.) Sometimes I
don't know which is worse, mental pain or physical pain. All is not
lost, I still have thirteen more days left in this month and 3 1/2
pounds to shake off to match my last weigh-in over a month ago.

Eating out tip for the day:
Are you too busy and on the go? Don't wait until you're starving
to find a place to eat. You'll be more likely to walk into the first
place you see, regardless of the kind of food it serves. If you're
very hungry, buy an apple, some nuts, or other healthy snack to
tide you over.

1 comment:

Chana said...

i must have missed this post...what the heck? what injury????what ER? what the heck happened? are you okay? oh, i'm sorry you are in pain and on crutches...please accept my hugs and kisses and love...