Wednesday, July 19, 2006

fat scare

Two more pounds to lose and twelve more days to go this
month. I can do small goals.

I had ugly fat beakers representing my weight loss in the side bar
months ago. It was so gross looking, even though I thrive on visual
results. I think that's why I'm a list keeper, I need to be reassured
by the crossed off items, that I am accomplishing something.

I love psychology, and I use it on myself to get me out of any
stagnation. It's time for some visual scare tactics.

Here's an article I found, cut out from, I can't remember where. I
do that a lot, I apologize. "Here, Spare Tire! C"Mere, Boy!" First
came the Pet Rock, then the Chia pet, now there's My Pet Fat. But
man's new best inanimate pal isn't just a gag gift. Put the bright
yellow blob where temptation strikes-- on the dinner table, in the
frig, next to the bag of chips--for a weight-loss reminder. Try it,
says creator Jay Jacobs (who claims it's helped him shed 100
pounds from a peak of 380), and "you'll never think about eating
the same way again."

The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but
what they become by it.


iportion said...

I heard of my pet fat. I don’t have one.
I had bought hand weights the set all together was around 32 pounds. The case was so heavy. I realized I lost over 100 pounds. I had over 100pounds weighing on my body. My body still is a bit sore and I know I need to get strong.

Chana said...

what a wonderful post-again. thank you. and thank you for your loving comments to me and the Joe. how sweet of you. you can do anything you put your mind to. you are strong and brave. hugs.