Sunday, July 16, 2006

memory loss

Besides the facts that your physician confers with concerning your
memory loss there is an additional reason if you are overweight. I
sort of get tired of hearing the doctor say that all of my ailments are
related to my weight, "I need to lose weight". That's just great now he
has another reason to harp on it. I just thought that since I was
getting older, starting to forget things was part of the process.

Being overweight puts a measurable dent in your supply of brain cells,
Swedish researchers found. Using CAT scans, they measured brain
size in 290 women in their 70's and discovered that those whose
temporal lobe was small (indicating shrinkage) had been overweight
(BMI 25 and over) throughout adulthood; women whose brains had
a healthy cell count in this area had maintained a healthy weight (BMI
less than 25). Temporal lobe loss impairs memory and shortens
attention span. The scientists suspect that artery disease bought
on by obesity may compromise blood flow to brain cells, killing
them off. P.


iportion said...

I have ADHD and it's hard to me to remember as is.

Chana said...

i had no idea...thanks for the heads usual your post are wonderfully written and informative. thank you. hope you had a great wknd. hugs.