Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It's been 18days in the 100's and no sign of let up yet. The poor people who are without electricity because of rolling black outs is alarming!

Keeping a diary will give you feedback on exactly what you eat each day. It will help prevent "calorie amnesia" and remind you to be active and exercise each day. It is a must for successful weight control!


iportion said...

Sorry the whaether is so bad where you live. I am lucky it's not that hot here. It's been a rather cool summer

PS food diaries are a amazing and I feel they work with most plans.

Chana said...

our city, today at approximately 1 pm the news said, hit their 1 million citizen...(born)..

our city that doesn't have the infrustroction or the ability to accomodate the 300,000 people that have moved to this booming part of Alberta in the last 2 yrs, is now having mandatory blackouts....

we have billions in surplus in the provincial goverment yet we can't live without some major disruption of water and electricity. and we are the lucky ones. at least my kids have a roof and not have to live like the thousands of families camping out. great jobs but no housing available.