Saturday, July 08, 2006

diet book

I generally don't go on specific types of diets, because they are too
restrictive for me money wise or food wise. I do take note of all
their aspects and incorporate into my life style what I feel will work
for me. This past weekend I read from the library a new book per se
on a new twist to dieting. Actually, I have discovered before many
of the mentioned ideas myself with being in tuned to my body cues.
I will post tomorrow on my blog a few lines from the book that I
thought were interesting. It is a whole new life style and doesn't
sound easy but, let's face it as far as losing weight is concerned some
of us go to extremes at one time or another just trying over and over
again to drop those unwanted pounds.

Located in the library section 613.25 KAT
title "The Flavor Point Diet" by David L Katz

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