Friday, April 21, 2006

health wise

Is there ups and downs in your blood sugar? Slow absorbing carbohydrates can help you manage blood sugar levels. The only "bad" food for you to eat is "too much food" that bad habit in itself is an invitation to the beginning of obesity. Good health results is a combination of efforts including being educationally informed, getting the proper amount of sleep, consuming nutritional food, continual moderate exercise, stress relief, relaxation, free time, enjoyment, laughter, taking vitamin and mineral supplements, keeping your mind alert by using it (mental exercise), and of course always have your yearly check up. Don't forget your spiritual growth! I allowed stress to overcome me this past week but it can be a killer. (Hang in there heart!) Stress can cause a heart attack, or can trigger a range of illnesses, from backache and headache, to gastrointestinal problems, and weaken the immune system. Bless you all. On a lighter note:

Children walk with God when they see real faith lived out.

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Chana said...

Your post are so informative and always right on.
Stress is a horrible monster, that in my life as well, creeps his head and makes me physically sick. It's a hard to control monster as they usually all are. But we must keep tugging along, hoping for a better next time. I'm hoping your wk is better. Hugs.