Sunday, April 02, 2006


FACT: One of the disease protective effects found in fruits and vegetables are antioxidants, which include specific vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that protect cells from oxidative damage by free radicals. Phytochemicals reduce the risk of cancer by blocking or suppressing agents that cause cancer, and reduce the risk of heart disease by shielding LDL, cholesterol from oxidation and decreasing cholesterol synthesis and absorption.

JOKE: You know it is time for a diet when you notice the left side of your compact car seems to bottom out a lot.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have of trying to change others.

Did you get caught by anyone trying to play an April Fool on you? I tried twice to fool someone on the telephone and they both acted as if it what I said happened was no big deal. Can't I do anything right? I told my daughter I was mad at her for not showing up at the early soccer game Saturday when I had to wait for her in the rain, why didn't you call me about the cancellation? I thought I was using a mean voice. She said they played on the wet grass and didn't see me there. I sure felt bad, I never went for my granddaughter's game, I thought it would be called due to the rain. My daughter tells me she knew by my tone I really wasn't mad. Then I called the leader of my weigh-in club and told her I spilled red Kool-Ade all over my weight recorder's recorders and I had no more new forms to replace them. She said how many pages were ruined? When I said "April Fool," she replied I knew you were kidding because you would have been crying if that really happened. I'm not a cry baby?

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Chana said...

First things first, hi. I don't know you and don't know how often you cry but i know that not too many people cry without a reason. Now, whether that reason is good enough for others that is nothing to do with you. I'm a very emotional and sensitive person and i shed tears many, many times. Just a few minutes ago, Keka asked out of the blue how often i cry? And then she said, "i know everytime daddy dissapoints you"-I was left speechless. I never got the origin of her question and i explained that her daddy (my ex-husband) blah, blah, blah...
I know that many times i have been 'judge' to cry needless but that is not for anyone to judge. You got to be strong and not let guilt rule your right to stand up for yourself. I can understand that you were hurt with your daughter. I wish their was a rule that said that if you are loved or love that person can/should not hurt you or the other way around. It doesn't work that way and that is too bad but it's just is. I too have someone who is wonderful but not perfect and that person has a hard time saying I'm sorry or taking responsibility. It sucks but it's up to us no stand up and make sure we are heard. Nothing and no one is perfect, the sad part is when those around us try to make us feel less than we are because it makes them feel better. Pls take care and don't worry. Hugs.