Tuesday, April 11, 2006

good start

I'm off to a good start 8:00 am this morning. I passed the weight room up and heard some loud dance music. Like a magnet I was drawn back to the doorway and entered in without thinking. I only did 30 minutes but something is always better than nothing. I next went to the coffee room and my usual cheese danish was either gone or not available. That little delay saved me unnecessary empty calories. I offered to volunteer for 3.5 hours to keep myself away from the lunch room. Tonight is the dreaded weigh-in. Thinking about it gives me shivers of another 12 pound gain like last week. This time I took my water pills but I've noticed my shins are still puffy with water retention. I wonder if they need to be stronger. Funny how, when you ask yourself a question your conscience answers you back. Alright already! I heard you, cut back on as much salt as possible if you want results. I feel energized from the early exercising. Why don't I continue with that beginning of the day instead of my java and a danish or two? Don't answer that conscience, I don't really want to stay fat. My diet dilemma and battle is mostly within my mind. What a revelation!

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Chana said...

You speak wisely. It's mostly, always, in our minds. I know for sure it's with me too. Thank you for your sweet hugs. I didn't have nightmares last night-i actually slept most of the night. What a great feeling! Don't worry about me, i'll be just fine. The reason i started blogging was to get stuff off my head and heart and let it fly away...After i write more of the personal posts, i often find myself a bit worn out emotionally but very much free. It's been a very healing exercise. You asked about the Passion of Christ and yest i saw it and loved it and cried my heart out and suffered seeing it as it brought to my eyes what i knew in my heart. How much He suffered and still does for us and how much He loves us. What a good God He is to love us with such humility and depth.
You always praise me too much. I got to come clean :) and tell you i'm not so perfect at all. I am as weak and hurt Him way too often. I try to do good but much too often i fall. I just have to remind myself to get up again and again. It's the only way, to keep on trying. If there is one thing i do feel happy about myself is that i choose to 'love', it comes easy to me. I have alot of room in my heart and it never fills up. So i fall in love fast and often. So i'm grateful i met you. Even though it's a cyber space relationship i feel good to chat with you and hear your advice. You are a wonderful addition to my heart.